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Digital Signage Enterprise

Give your products the opportunity to shine. With digital signage, you can advertise your products directly at the point of sale in a modern fashion.

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Digital signage has conquered the European market, but it takes more than a standard advertising screen to stand out from the crowd. This is where we come in! We are your reliable partner in every step of the process and are there to help and advise you from the very beginning, right through to support after the implementation of our digital signage.

Our all-in-one service

You get everything from a single source: not only do we install the hardware on site, we also support you in all phases of implementation. We have written our digital signage software ourselves, which means that all our services are provided by us without any detours. You benefit from our know-how and years of expertise and can devote yourself to your core business in peace.

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Digital Signage-Pro

Increase your sales through digital advertising directly at the point of sale

Digital signage – meaning the display of moving images and dynamic content on screens – is a true alternative to traditional advertising media for any business, as it easily and quickly transports any digital media content to one or more screens at the sales location. Through the combination of images, films, interactive content as well as the possibility of centrally controlling all monitors, digital signage solutions offer enormous advantages over traditional advertising variants.

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Smart Digital Signage

Give your target group what they want

Smart Digital Signage is intelligent and customized, and arguably the most innovative solution for presenting your products at the PoS and marketing effectively. With the smart version of digital signage, you make the shopping experience more exciting for your customers and more lucrative for you! An interplay of artificial intelligence, optical image recognition and machine learning makes it possible for our software to analyze situations in front of the screen and then adapt advertising content to the scenario in front of the screen in real time. This means that advertising messages always hit the mark and your marketing is a complete success, as you now show customers exactly what they need.

Traditional digital signage plays advertising content in a predetermined order. Several times a day, the content currently being shown may not be suitable for the audience in front of the screen. This is exactly where smart digital signage comes in.

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Smart Digital Signage GO

Gain key information about your target group in real time and on the spot!

Smart Digital Signage GO is a tool within our software family, giving a competitive edge that helps you accurately measure and manage your customer traffic using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Want to know how many and which customers have visited your branch, and also control the number of people present in the business premises?

No problem! Smart Digital Signage GO takes over this task for you fully automatically.

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Measurable Success With People Tracker

In-store tracking - extract data easily and at any time

No matter when, no matter where, and no matter for which location. The intelligent web interface makes it possible for you to quickly and easily extract relevant data such as customer traffic and data points like age, gender and much more. You simply filter the data you need and export it as an Excel file. People tracking almost doesn’t get any simpler than this.

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